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bFOURCe built a beautiful and affordable website very quickly for my son's PTA. I was amazed.

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Google’s Mobilegeddon

Mobilegeddon: Google’s revised algorithm The timing is awkward, to say the least. Today Google starts implementing a new version of its algorithm for mobile searches, which will penalise many sites. The overhaul (widely called “mobilegeddon”) comes less than a week after the European Union accused the world’s biggest online search firm of systematically favouring its

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Should I Outsource My Digital Marketing?

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Today’s post comes from Bernadette Coleman, CEO & Executive Director Of Advice Interactive Group. Should I Outsource My Digital Marketing? Businesses, now more than ever before, are faced with multiple options of how to best market online. The choice between hiring an in-house marketing team and outsourcing to a digital marketing company to carry out your marketing

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Growth Hacking Tip => Write Awesome Headlines

Writing Awesome Headlines, a tip from our friends at KISSmetrics. This sounds like old news, but there is so much riding on headlines that we would be crazy not to bring it up at least one more time – an awesome headline is key. If its screwed up, you lose your chance at ever achieving a

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Late last year it was reported that Google was going to change its ranking for websites which were not optimized for mobile devices.   Google’s goal, “Other than do no evil” is also to provide its users with the best experiences when accessing information.  So this past November, Google announced they are tagging sites that are

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Working out of 1871

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We are working out of the 1871 collaborative space in the Merchandise Mart. What a great place to mingle with Chicago’s top technology talent.

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How does your website look on your smartphone?

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bFOURce is in the business to help you improve your websites responsiveness on smart mobile devices.  Our responsive website designs help you get found. Click here for a great article written by Bryson Meunier the SEO Director at Vivid Seats.

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